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Dr Emmanuel Carrera, MD

I am neurologist, head of the Geneva Stroke Center at the Geneva University Hospital. Privat Docent at the Faculty of Medicine, I have now started a comprehensive study of the effect of lesions on brain networks based on the expertise acquired during research fellowships in the Departments of Clinical Neurosciences, Columbia, NY, Cambridge, UK and Psychiatry, Madison, WI, in part supported by grants of the Swiss National Science Foundation.

Recently, we developed a theoretical model aiming at describing the impact of brain lesions on remote functional networks, and in particular on the “connectome” defined as a comprehensive map of all brain connection. We proposed that that these effects should be understood as part of the concept of diaschisis. 


Dr Elisabeth Dirren, MD-PhD

Post-Doc Research Fellow




Dr Mitsouko van Assche, PhD

Post-Doc Research Fellow


Julian Klug

Master Student


Professor Jean-Claude Baron, MD, Dsc


Professor Dimitri van de Ville, PhD

Departments of Bioengineering, EPFL, and Fundamental Neurosciences, University of Geneva, Switzerland


Dr Jonas Richiardi, PhD

Department of Fundamental Neurosciences, University of Geneva, Geneva


Dre Alexia Bourgeois, MD-PhD, Post-Doc

Dr Damien Schneider, Master Student